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The Benefits of Hot Melt Equipment

Large-scale manufacturing and packaging facilities operating with high-volume Hot melt systems use polymer-based thermoplastics called hot melt adhesives ( EVAs and PSAs) as an efficient, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and fast-setting adhesive method.  Also known as hot melt glue, workers melt EVA in glue melters, hoses, and guns and apply it to surfaces, creating cohesion as it cools. Many different applications rely on different application techniques, making it essential to choose the proper method for your needs. In general, hot melt equipment comes in a variety of forms, and it operates with a range of box and tray former machines as well as case sealers using tanks, hoses, guns, nozzles, glue gun modules, and accessories. Hot melt equipment ranges from compact, lightweight handguns and all-electric guns to larger melt capacity systems with pneumatic adhesive-dispensing applicators, extrusion systems. 

Adhesive & Equipment offers many ready-to-use, out-of-the-box options to choose from, and we also specially design hot melt equipment and systems to meet more targeted needs. 

Uses of Hot Melt Equipment

HMA bonds materials including RSC boxes, ceramics, glass, metal, plastic, rubber, and wood together. More specific uses include:

Sealing  packaging

Binding books and magazines

Labeling Assembling synthetic fabrics

Manufacturing disposable diapers

Sealing tobacco products

Securing and insulating electronics components

Fastening wires and other parts Product Assembly

Assembling, laminating, and labeling woodworking products 

Installing flooring and other construction applications

Meat and Poultry packaging

Hot melt equipment comes in a variety of preassembled and ready-to-run forms.
 HMA machines can also work with many different materials depending on the required application. Some examples of hot melt equipment include:

Hand-held glue guns for small-scale or crafting projects 

Bulk dispensers for HMAs like reactive polyurethane (PUR) 

Drum unloaders for thermoplastic HMAs  

Tank-free delivery systems 

Benefits of Hot Melt Equipment

The packaging industry, particularly end-of-line applications, uses hot melt equipment to minimize risks and increase efficiency. HMA offers solid, solvent-free adhesive solutions that reduce the risk of toxin exposure. It relies on water to dissolve the polymer, reducing the amount of complex materials needed for successful use. You can also dispose of HMA products without risk. (However, it’s important to note that OSHA recommends operators wear protective gear and check equipment regularly when operating Hot melt equipment—manually handling and heating glue creates burn risks.)

When compared with other adhesives, HMA:

Comes with a long shelf life

Creates strong and durable bonds 

Allows flexible use

Enhances product appearance 

Contains no toxins

Resists heat and fire

Requires little time for setting

Additionally, HMA applicators can automate and control the flow of work processes including temperature and speed. 
 Manufacturers and contractors use HMA and hot melt equipment in a wide range of industries including:








Printing and publishing

Hot Melt Equipment from Adhesive & Equipment

Successfully using hot melt adhesives will improve your product’s adhesion efficiency while helping you save money. Adhesive & Equipment offers a full range of HMA equipment and solutions tailored to your needs. If you’re looking for the best hot melt equipment for your facility, contact us to request a free quote today.