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Industrial glue sticks or hot melt glue sticks are used across a wide range of industries for binding similar materials together. Available in a wide array of formulations, this type of adhesive is characterized by a high bond quality that last far longer than other adhesive options.

Unlike standard liquid adhesives, industrial glue sticks are easy to store long-term since they remain in solid form until use, making them more cost-effective since they can be bought in bulk quantities. Their versatility makes hot melt glue sticks popular for both small and large manufacturing operations.

Industrial Hot Melt Hand Gun Applications

A wide range of industries and applications rely on hot melt glue sticks for bonding together parts made from substrates with similar characteristics. Hot melt sticks that are specially designed for use in specific industries are often available, though general purpose adhesives are suitable for most applications. Hot melt glue sticks are also ideal for bonding together porous materials such as cardboard, fabrics, paper, and wood.

Industries that rely on industrial strength glue guns in their operations include:

·         Bookbinding

·         Crafting

·         Electronics

·         Furniture

·         Packaging

·         Woodworking

·         Manufacturing

Glue sticks come in a wide variety of sizes for different purposes, and corresponding glue guns vary widely as well. For example, stick sizes that are ideal for low- and mid-volume applications typically fit standard half-inch glue guns. For high-volume applications, 1” x 3” glue sticks and corresponding glue guns are ideal.

While most glue sticks can handle standard or high temperatures, there are also low-temperature glue sticks that are used for bonding sensitive materials that might melt if standard temperature sticks are used. Most glue guns are designed to handle either low-temperature or standard/high-temperature glue sticks.

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Industrial glue sticks and the corresponding glue guns that use them have broad applications across a wide range of industries. At Adhesive & Equipment, Inc., we offer a wide selection of industrial-strength adhesives and high-capacity glue guns to meet the needs of any operation. We offer sales, installation, service, and rebuilds on hot-melt products from all major brands.

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