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Adhesive & Equipment (A&E), a leading supplier of adhesive dispensing equipment, provides a wide range of hot melt equipment and adhesive products from the industry's top manufacturers, such as Nordson®, Graco®, Valco Melton®, and ITW Dynatec®, just to name a few. And to ensure the best overall experience for our customers, A&E also provides a wide range of associated repair and maintenance services. This holistic approach ensures clients have a hassle-free experience, eliminating the risk of costly process delays and equipment failure.

We proudly offer comprehensive, affordable, and reliable servicing options for a large selection of hot melt equipment. Some of these capabilities are outlined below.

Complete Systems Rebuild

To improve performance, it may eventually become necessary to rebuild entire systems as part of overall cleaning and maintenance procedures. This involves taking apart components and thoroughly cleaning them before reassembly. Additionally, seals and sensors are replaced, and any layers — such as Teflon coatings — are redone. Cleaning is accomplished with autoclaving and media blasting before repainting. The rebuilt unit is shipped to the customer after passing a 16-hour operation test, and the serial number can be tracked with ease.

Complete Systems Rebuild

We Repair All OEM Systems

Systems: Graco, ITW Dynatec, Valco Melton

Rebuild Price: Starting at $2,195, ~40% Original Price

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Plant Installs and Repair

The installation of hot melt adhesive equipment and accessories is a complex process, but the technical team at Adhesive & Equipment is uniquely qualified for the job, with 15-25 years of experience in the field. Our team can help install new equipment or reinstall newly rebuilt equipment. We can also help train customer-side technicians in all equipment operations, further ensuring processes run smoothly, safely, and efficiently.

Complete Systems Rebuild

We Dispatch Our Technicians to Your Location for Installations or Repairs

We are experienced to service nearly all OEM adhesive equipment

Hourly or 1 Time Price/Rate: Quote

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Pump Rebuilds

Pumps are an essential part of most industrial processes, and optimal performance is critical for smooth, safe operations. With 12 years of pump rebuilding experience, our technicians are capable of delivering fast, highly efficient pump rebuilds. In fact, a next-day-delivery option is available on all of our stock adhesive pumps, and our team ensures rebuilt units perform to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specs. Rebuilt units must pass all relevant pressure inspections and tests before being returned to the client. Additionally, Adhesive & Equipment provides a rebuild-exchange offer for all melters and pumps.

Pump Rebuild

We Carry a Full Line of Nordson® Pumps & 14:1 Pumps

Popular Rebuilds: 1028303, 161424, 498056, 105424

Sale Price: Starting at $625

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Applicator Rebuilds

Applicators can be completely disassembled, autoclaved, and media blasted during the rebuild process. Also, all worn-out parts — such as the electrical cord set (w/RTD), heaters, and seals — are replaced to ensure the units pass pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical tests before reinstallation.

AutoGun Rebuild

We Repair All OEM Applicators

Includes a complete tear-down and sandblast

Replace All Worn Parts: RTD's, Heaters, Seals, Cordsets

Rebuild Price: Starting at $175

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Module Replacement

It should be noted that this is not a rebuild operation; A&E does not rebuild existing modules. However, our team, with over 20 years of technical experience, can build new modules to suit any process requirement. In fact, stock modules can be shipped in under a day. And since our modules come with a full warranty and are available at prices 50% lower than market costs, it’s often much more cost-effective to replace modules than rebuild them.

Module Replacement

We Stock All Module Types - Orders Ship Same Day

We find its better to replace the module then restore it

Our modules come with a full warranty and costs 50% less

We stock all needed hardware including Seals and O-Rings

Replacement Price: (Our Modules Cost ~50% Less)

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Teflon Recoating

Charred tanks of any size can be easily cleaned and then recoated with Teflon. This will prevent materials from sticking to the tank, reducing cleaning and maintenance time — and, in turn, reducing overall costs and labor needs.

Teflon Recoating

We Make Your Old Charred Tanks NEW

These coatings reduce cleaning time, downtime and labor

We offer teflon recoating for any sized tank

Recoating Price: Starting at $195

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Technical Support

The highly experienced team of experts at A&E will work to find a solution for any technical problem related to hot melt adhesive technology. Our dedicated hot melt engineers and technicians are only a call away, offering comprehensive assistance to ensure smooth process operations for all clients — no matter how complex or unusual the issue.

Complete Systems Rebuild

Call to Speak with Our Hot Melt Engineers & Technicians

Have a problem with your machine? Call us to get the help you need

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Adhesive & Equipment has the field experience and technical know-how to ensure smooth, efficient operations for all types of hot melt adhesive equipment. To learn how we can help with your specific hot melt needs, or to discuss our capabilities in further detail, request a quote from the team today.